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1. Simplify 5a + 7a.


2. Which of these is a simplification of 2a x 3a?


3. Simplify 4a + 5b + 6b + 11a


4. What is the simplification of 3a + 4b + 6c + 3a – 6c – 1a – 3b?


5. If I have x rabbits and you have twice as many, how many rabbits have you got?


6. Jane is c years old and her sister Katie is three years younger so how old is Katie?


7. Peter has x brothers, Paul has y brothers and Graham has z brothers. Between the three boys, how many brothers have they got?


8. Suzie is x years old and she has a sister called Rosie who is four years older. Rosie’s mother was 28 when Rosie was born. How old is Rosie’s mother now?


9. Peter has x oranges and Joe has three more oranges than Peter. How would we write the number of oranges that Joe has?


10. Sam has x guinea pigs, Paul has y guinea pigs and Joseph has z guinea pigs. We know that Sam and Paul together have the same number of guinea pigs as Joseph. How would we write this?


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