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1.Which substance does not require oxygen in order to produce energy?


2.The diagram shows a simple laboratory apparatus for the preparation and collection of a dry gas.


What is the gas?


3.Which substances react together to give hydrogen?



4.Why are some weather balloons filled with helium rather than hydrogen?



5.The diagram shows a method for displacing a metal from its oxide.


Which metal can be displaced from its oxide by using this method?



6.In which industrial process is the presence of water not essential?



7.The diagram shows stages in the purification of water.Which stage uses chlorine?



8.A student is asked to measure the time taken for 4.00 g of magnesium carbonate to react completely with 25.0 cm 3  (an excess) of dilute hydrochloric acid.Which pieces of apparatus does the student need?


9.A student was provided with only a thermometer, a stopwatch and a beaker.What could the student measure?


10.Chromatography and fractional distillation can be used to separate compounds. In which type of separation is a thermometer needed for checking that complete separation has occurred?


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