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1. There are 21 members in the weight-watching group. 2/7 of the group are men.How many men are in the group?


2. A dental nurse sees 30 patients in one week. She advises 2/3 of these patients about cleaning their teeth.How many patients does NOT she advise?


3.Tickets for a concert cost Sh.40 each. The organisers donate  3/5 of the cost of each ticket to charity. The amount of money donated from the cost of each ticket to the charity is 


4.A couple spend 70% of their money on food and entertainment. 70% written as a fraction is


5. A store sells floor tiles for Sh.12 a box.Today the discount price is   1/3 oFf. What is the new price today?


6. The table shows the number of hot drinks sold in one hour from a stall.

Drink Number of hot drinks sold
CoffeeChocolateTea 300150450

What fraction of the hot drinks sold in one hour are coffee?


7. Twenty-four people compete in a long jump trial. Three quarters of them jump more than 3 metres. How many people jump less than 3 metres? 


8. An electrical store has 24 different types of refrigerator. 3/4 of the types of refrigerator have reduced prices.How many types of refrigerator have FIXED prices?


9. In 2001 the census showed that 30% of the population lived in rented housing. 30% is the same as


10. One week he bakes 1 500 loaves. 3/5 of the loaves are white.How many loaves are NOT white?


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