KCPE 2014

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Adam and eve hid from god in the garden of Eden because they were


Abraham showed his faith in god when he


Joseph was able to overcome the temptation from the wife of potiphar because he


God gave the israelites the ten commandments in order to


Which one of the following festivals is celebrated by the Israelites to remember their release from Egypt


Naboth refused to give his land to king ahab because


Prophet nathan was angry with king david because the king


Who among the following prophets described the messiah as the prince of peace?


Which one of the following statements was said by prophet jeremiah during his call?


“This very day in david’s your saviour was born-christ the lord.” (luke 2:11) These words were spoken by an angel to


Which one of the following events took place in the life of jesus when he was eight days old


Which one of the following activities took place during the baptism of jesus?


A lesson that christians learn from the miraculous catch f fish is that they should be


Which one of the following is the reason why jesus taught his disciples not to judge others? They will be


The parable of the good samaritan teaches christians to


Who among the following people helped jesus to carry the cross?


Who among the following groups of people were the first to know that jesus had resurrected?


“These people are not drunk as you suppose, it is only nine o’clock in the morning” (Acts 2:15). Peter spoke these words during the


Who among the following people received a call from god on the way to Damascus?


Irene visits the orphanage and washes the clothes for the children. The fruit of the Holy Spirit she demonstrates is


Which one of the following beliefs about God is common to Christianity and Traditional African Religion?


Which one of the following acts of worship is carried out by priests in traditional African Communities?


Which one of the following is a rite of passage in traditional African Communities?


In the traditional African Communities children are taught how to respect their elders mainly by


Christians take part in development activities in the community because they


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