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  1. A beehive increases by 7% a day. Initially there are 1,250 bees. How many will there be after a week?



2. Barbara bought a box of 35 pens for Ksh.4025. She sold all the pens for Ksh120.0 each. What was her percentage profit?


3. Due to severe weather, a polar bear colony decreases from 328 bears to 246. What percentage decrease is this?


4. Otieno bought a Cooker for Ksh 13,500 and sold it two years later for ksh 11,200. What is the percentage loss he made?

  1. What percentage of 68 is 10.2?
  1. A cake now costs 33.75 after a 3% reduction in whole sale price. What was the original price of the loaf?
  1. Kimani’s hourly wage goes up from Ksh72.00 to Ksh75.60. What percentage increase is this?
  1. The price of a Lap-Top Bag is Ksh3300 after a 7% increase. What is the original price of the ticket?
  1. The Green family bought a Super Computer five years ago for Ksh.97,000. They sell it for Ksh.185,000. What is their percentage profit (to the nearest 1%)?

10. What percentage is 8.5 of 68?


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