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  1. Which of these is NOT a source of light?


  1. Imagine a candle flame. Light from the candle flame travels …….
  1. How fast does light travel?
  1. Light travels slightly more slowly through air than through space. It is slowed down a little bit more by glass and …….
  1. A beam of light shining on a glass prism will …….
  1. If you half fill a clear glass with water and place a straw in the glass, how does the straw appear when you look at it carefully?
  1. There are forms of light which are invisible to the human eye. Which of these is an example?
  1. Visible light contains many colours. Which of the following is NOT one of these colours?
  1. Why does a green apple look green?
  1. A submarine’s periscope allows someone on the boat to see objects that are above the water. How is this possible?

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