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1. Which of the following is NOT a type of teeth?


2. ——– teeth have 3 roots.


3. The first teeth grow when a child is


4. AIDs can affect


5. AIDS is caused by


6. Air in motion is called


7. The sending back o: light by a mirror is called


8.  Light helps one to ——————– things.


9. People weed during the  —————— season.


10. A snake moves by


11. Which of these plants are legumes?


12.In the table below which group of food crops is NOT correctly matched with 

its example?


13. Which one of the following is NOT a cash crop?


14. The two MAIN types of crops are


15. The BEST type of soil for farming is 


16. The BEST soil for making ribbons is


17. Which of the following plants is NOT a  spice?


18. The ability of the body to fight against disease is called


19. In HIV the letter V stands for


20.Which one of the following is NOT a weed?


21. Which weed has small thorns on the stem, purple flowers and yellow fruits when ripe?


22. The following are ways of maintaining healthy teeth.  Which one is NOT?


23. An adult person has ——- premolar.


24. Unwanted crops in a farm are known as


25. We can separate mud from water by


26. Water can be stored in the following  containers EXCEPT


27. Which of the following is NOT a special sound?


28. The way we behave when taking meals  is called


29. Bees defend themselves by


30. When a person CANNOT talk he can use


31. Coffee, tea and cocoa are


32. Which one of the following is NOT obtained from fibre crops?


33. The removal of weeds growing among crops is called


34. ———– is NOT needed for good health.


35. Which of the following is NOT a simple machine?


36. Bleeding gum is also known as


37. We make water safe for drinking by


50. Which colour is at the top of at rainbow?


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