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1.  Most rivers in Nyeri county are?


2. A person who belongs to a particular  country is called a


3.  Which of the following lakes is NOT found in Nyeri county?


4. Cutting down the trees without planting others is


5. Areas with many people are said to have


6. Cloud, sunshine, wind and rainfall  are the ——— of weather.


7. Pigs are MAINLY kept for


8. Which one of the following is NOT a human right?


9. Sick people can be treated by the following people EXCEPT


10.The following are Cushites apart from


11. Which of the following is NOT grown in Nyeri county?


12.The activity where people travel fromone place to another for pleasure is called


13. People who speak in a similar way and use words that are related to each  other are called


15. ——— — is a beverage crop.


14. Fishing in Nyeri county is carried out in the following rivers EXCEPT


16.The colour of our flag that represents the blood that was shed during the struggle for independence is


17. The origin homeland of the Bantu is believed  to be


18. North, South, East and West are in one word called


19. A place that has tall grasses and few scattered trees is called


20. Which one is NOT a way of resolving conflicts in a school?


21. The way of life of a certain communityis their


22. Supplying water to the plant is called


23.Which one is found in the dry area?


24. One of the forms of communication was used in the past. Which one is it?


25 ” Hills, mountains, rivers and valleys are all features


26. The MAIN source of water is


27. Clothes are made from 


28. The name of our deputy president is


29. There —- are counties in Kenya


30. Which one is the fastest means of transportation?


31. Vegetation that grows on its own is called


32. Short grass, short trees and scattered thorny bushes are referred to as ——— vegetation.


33. The amount of rainfall is measured in ——- units


34. Cotton, coffee, sisal and pyrethrum are examples of  ——- crops.


35. Wedding and child naming ceremonies are ——— social activities


36. Things that we use to make our lives  better are called


37. People who kill wildlife animals are called


38. People with special needs have


39. ————— is the buying and selling of goods and services.


40. The head of a county is called a



41.  How many lepers were healed by Jesus?


42. The following were sons of Noah EXCEPT


43. When Jesus fed 5,000 people, the  small boy brought



44. What did Judas Iscariot do?


45. God is happy when we live in with our schoolmates.


46. Which of the following is NOT a way of worship?


47.Jesus was crucified in mount


48. Young people serve the church by 


49.God made Adam and Eve and put  them in the Garden of


50.God told Moses that His name was


51.The father of Esau and Jacob was


52. The Bible says that God sent Elijah to the town of


53. What work did Levi do before meeting with Jesus?


54. Christians celebrate resurrection. of Jesus Christ during


55. A good leader and helper should NOT be


56. ——– was the son of king David.


57. Which of the following is an importance of sharing work?


58. Abraham and Sarah got a baby called


59. Jesus was brought up in


60. Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus to


61. The arrival of an important person is called


62. ————- wherever you go I will go; where you live. I will live” These  words were said by


63. God tested Abraham’s ————- by asking him to sacrifice his only son


64. Moses led the people of Israel from Egypt to the promised land called


65. Goliath belonged to the ———— army.


66. The following are commands of Jesus Christ to His disciples EXCEPT


67. God punished king Ahab and Jezebel for being


68. The Masaai call their God


69. God is happy when we are


70. —————- is a very bad skin disease


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