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Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered correct choice to fill in the blank.

Kieni West District…1… in Nyeri ..2.. ,…3…of its residents …4…farmers …5…cultivate both …6…crops …7… food crops. …8…of the food crops…9… are…10… , beans…11… potatoes. …12…of the other residents are…13… workers and business …143… . …15…are also large scale farmers who practise ranching.































Choose the opposite of the underlined word for questions 16 – 17.

16. He placed the teacher’s register on the table.


17. She threw a stone soon


For questions 18 – 19, choose the correct preposition.

18. The porcupine escaped the………..fence


19. She dived………….. the swimming pool.


20. What is the plural of the word fly?


21. The tea was……….. hot for the child to drink.


22. Which letter is silent in the word KITCHEN


23. A car is………….. expensive than a motor cycle.


24. If Mwangi had…………….. harder he would have passed the examination.


25. Jane’s deskmate is called John. So John sits…………. to Jane.


Read the following passage and answer questions 26 – 38.
The family used to face very many problems because of the failure of the husband.
The wife used to wake up very early in the morning and do some domestic chores, then
report to her business. During the dry seasons, the husband used to sell all the food that was kept in the granary by his wife.
Many years, passed by and the husband did not tend to stop that habit. One day the village elders decided to talk to him. They wanted to solve the problems that were facing the family. It was all in vain. The wife vacated. She went to a nearby town with her eight siblings. The husband tried to sell his goats and sheep. Finally, he sold cows. He was
then poor and neglected.

26. The family had all the following animals EXCEPT


27. The family had been suffering for


28. Who led to the failure of the family?


29.The word ‘chores’ means


30. The word ‘siblings’ Can also be replaced with the Word


30. The word ‘siblings’ Can also be replaced with the Word


31. The family consisted of members.


32.The occupation of the mother was


33. The man became poor because he


34.         What was the character of the husband?       


Complete the following sentence.

35. A habit is a


36. Why do you think the man was selling almost everything?


37. Do you think the family reunited?


38. The BEST title for the passage is


Read the passage below and then answer questions 39 – 50.
Nowadays many people pretend to be disabled as a way of gaining some money from
the well-wishers and donors. A young lady aged thirty four years used to have the habit of sitting with her child near a busy supermarket known as Budget.
The lady used to report at the point at the crack of dawn. That was her routine duty. One of her techniques was to use her son to tell the passerby that they had gone without food for three days due to poverty. So, one day a woman who was as black as coal came out of the supermarket. She requested the lady to offer them accommodation and take the child to school. The mother instead refused and ignored the conversation. The lady who was a police officer suddenly discovered that the mother of the child was not genuine. She took the legal action because it’s the right of every child to be in school not in business.

39. The words ‘crack of dawn’ means


40. We say as black as coal but as as a monkey.


41. The word ‘conversation’ as used in the passage can be replaced with


42. What was the name of the supermarket?


43. How old was the mother of the son?


44. What was the occupation of the woman who had offered accommodation?


45. The opposite of the word ‘genuine’ is



46. The mother behaved in that manner because she was


47. What is the plural of the word ‘lady?


48. According to the passage, where did the police officer come from?


49. How many children had the pretender?


50. The BEST title of the passage would be


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