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1.Carbohydrates are also known as


2. The following are methods of controlling weeds EXCEPT


3. Which of the animals below will give us mutton and dairy?


4. The first phase of the moon is


5. The type of tooth shown below has the function of



6. The following ,are problems related to teeth. Which one is NOT?


7.A bee is small animal that protect itself by


8.In which part of the digestive system does absorption of food take place?


9. Which ‘of the following is NOT apersonal item?


10.Cotton is a fibre crop. It is used for making


11. The following statements are TRUE about the moon EXCEPT


12.Good behaviour when having meals is also known as


13.A set of teeth that grows after milk teeth are known as


14.The following are ways in which HIV/ AIDs can be spread. Which one is NOT?


15.The following are types of weeds. Which one can be eaten as a vegetable?


16.Which of the following people had abalanced diet?


18. Which one of the following instrument produces sound by plucking?


18.Three of the following plants have fibrous root systems. Which one does NOT?


19. The following are characteristics of animals EXCEPT


20. Food group
    Vitamin                Bodt building.
Orange F                     G     Peas
The letter F and G represent


21.The condition of the atmosphere at agiven place and particular time is called


22.The BEST soil for growing crops is called


23.John saw a bird on top of a tree.What sense did he use?


24.The following are the stages of HIVand AIDs. Which one comes first?


25. Crops are divided into two types.
These are


26.The type of poUltry that is kept for meat are called


27. The following are components of soil EXCEPT


28.Digestion of food start in the


29.Which of the following is a requirement for maintaining strong teeth?


30.Most of the animals that live in water move by


31.Which of the following special sound tells pupils to go for lunch?


32.The following are methods of transporting water EXCEPT


33.Three of the following are source of light EXCEPT


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