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What was the main reason God called Abraham?


Who among the following people was appointed king of Israel while still a young boy?


Which one of the following parables of jesus teaches about treating neighbors well. The parable of the


Which one of the following disciples of jesus agreed to betray jesus?


Where did moses flee to after killing the Egyptian?


Which of the following is not a result of misuse of sex?


“Do this in memory of me” Luke 22 : 19. Jesus said these words during


Jesus was a refugee in which country?


Which of the following is badly matched


I was a short man. I climbed sycamore tree to see Jesus. My occupation was to collect tax. Who am I?


Judas was replaced by


Who among the following authored the book of acts?


To possess eternal life Christians need to


Martin, a standard six pupil who comes from a rich family despises other members of the class. As a Christian the best advice you would give him is that he should be


A good friend is one who


which one of the following will not lead to a happy family life


Christians should work mostly to


The stone tablet on which laws of god were written was to be carried in a special box called


In which town did jesus grow up?


______________ is the ability to notice something after thinking carefully


People who have run away from their countries are called


The first christian martyr was _________ to death.


On the night jesus was born angels appeared to _________


_______ said that faith without action is dead.


The temple in jerusalem was built by


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