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39.Who was the first president of Uganda


38.Tanzania gained its independence in:-


37.Relief rainfall falls in the


36.Which one Of the following countries did not
colonise Somali?


35. At which age is one allowed to vie for a civil seat?


34.The headquaters of East Africa community are in:-


33.Tha main crop grown at Mwea Tebere irrigation
scheme is


32.Who among the following was not one of the
Kapenguria six?


31. Who was the first prime minister of Kenya?


30.One of the following is not a role of a citizen, which
one is it?


29.Our country is divided into……… counties.


28.Counting of people is called


27.General elections in Kenya are held


26.Which one of the following Rift Valley lakes is
not salty?


25.The raw material from which cement is made is
referred to


24.The head of the country is the


23.Councillors are elected to represent


22.A person who loves his country and is always ready
to defend it is known as:-


21.Who among the following Kenyans collaborated
with the. British?


20.The Njuri Ncheke is a council of elders from……………community.


25. ……………………body is incharge of conducting
elections in Kenya?


24.One of the following is not a problem facing urban
centres, which one is it?


23.Which of the following is not part of the BIG


22.An area that has been set by an individual for
rearing wild animals is referred to as:-


21.Processing industries mainly deal with:-


20.Before changing its name, Kisumu was referred to


19.Which one of the following is not a Kenyan


18. Which one is not a problem faced by beef farmers?


17.The main type of coffee grown in East Africa is:-


16.Below were functions of a clan, which one was


15.Which of the following towns has no water


14. The most densely populated country in Eastern
Africa is:-


13.Which group of Bantus escaped from the Southern
part of Africa and settled in Tanzania?


12.The main tourist attraction in Eastern Africa is:-


11. People who share a common ancestor form a:-


10. Which country has no railway in Eastern Africa?


9…………………is grown in Kaffa and Harar provinces in Ethiopia.


8. The climate experienced at the lake region is:-


7.Which of the following mountains is a horst?


6.Hills that have resisted erosion in the Nyika plateau are called


5. The deepest lake in Africa is


4.The following vegetation found along the Nile in Sudan is referred to as:-


3.Which country does not boarder Kenya among the following?


2.Turkana, Maasai, Iteso are……………. Nilotes.


1.Eastern Africa lies between longitude


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