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1.The Abawanga were ruled by


2.The lines that develop when the rocks of the earth break are called


3.The following are characteristics of a certain climatic region.

1.rainfalls varies between 800rnm to 1100mm

2.temperatures are usually high has two rainy seasons

Which one is it?


4.Which ofthe following best describes the monsoon winds?


5.The type of vegetation that consists of short grass and scattered trees is called


6.Which one of the following belong to the same language group?


7.Which ofthe following factors discourages settlement around the miombo woodlands ofTanzania?


8..  Which one of the following consists of nuclear 



9.The following are factors which influence climate 



10.The branch of the government which makes laws is


11.The type of marriage where a man marries more than

one wife is known as


12.Three ofthe following rivers drain into the Indian Ocean. Which one is not?


13.The main reason why the Kenya government encourages tourism is because it


14. The common vegetation found in North Eastern Africa is


15.Which one of the following gives the correct position of Eastern Africa? It lies on latitudes


16.One of the following species oftree is not hardwood                                                         Which one is it?


17.The main mineral export of Kenya is


18.Which one among the following is not a game reserve in Kenya?


19.The main problem facing sisal production in Eastern Africa is?


20.Which one ofthe following industries can be classified as a manufacturing industry?


21.Which of the following forms oftransport is least 

developed in Eastern Africa?


22.Which one ofthe following group offish is caught in inland fisheries?


23.Three of the following are inland fishing methods.

Which one is not?


24.Which one of the following is the best way of

communicating to the majority of Kenyans?



Nancy lives in an area with the following physical

and climatic conditions 

i) altitude between 1520mm to 2280mm

ii) rainfall between 1250mm to 1650mm

iii) fertile acidic soil iv) cool temperature 15°c to 22°c

Which one ofthe following crops would she grow?



To which language group does the Rendille

community belong?



The following are examples ofvolcanic mountains.

Which one is not?



The following are products of copper. Which one is




The following are the results of population growth.

Which one is not?



Which of the following is not a problemi facing

tourism in Eastern Africa?



Which of the following is not a problem facing marine




The main sugarcane growing area within sugar belt in

Sudan is



Which one of the following inland water lakes in

Kenya is not stocked with fish?


34.  Parrallel ,winds along the coastline of Somalia



The River Lake Nilotes first dispersal point after

leaving Sudan was



Which is the most populated city in Africa?



Medicinemen who treats patients using rots and

leaves of plants are called



Which people constructed The Kenya – Uganda

railway line?


39.Which one of the following is not a cultural artifact?



The following are benefits of trade in Eastern Africa

except one. Which one is it?



Which one ofthe following is the main problem

facing inland fishing in Kenya?



The following are needs of a family.

i) education ii) shelter

iii) love                                

 iv) family property

v) security vi) water

Which ofthe following combinations consists of secondary needs?



The school motto is important because it


44.Who was the leader of Mau Mau.?


45.In which year did Kenya became independent?


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