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  1. Write seventy seven million, six hundred and six thousand, nine hundred and nine in figures?
  1. What is the difference between the total value of digit 3 in 6293850 and the total value of digit 6 in 455648?
  1. What is the value of:- (8   1/4) – 3 ÷ 1 1/2)
  1. A tailor had a piece of cloth of length 1.863m. Shemade clothes of equal pieces of 0.99 metres. How many clothes did she make tcprthe nearest whole number.
  1. A certain matatu company has a total of 80 vehicles.The number of pick- ups is half the number of lorries. The number of saloon cars is 20 less than the number of pick- ups. How many lorries are there?
  1. What is the next number in the sequence

        13,   17,   19, 23,



  1. Work out the value of :  15 1/2- 2/3 of (2/5+ 1 1/4+ Vs)
  1. Calculate the perimeter in metres of a square whose are is 625cm2

9.A rectangular piece of metal measures 4.2 m by 3.5m. Calculate its area in square centimetres.

  1. Work out

0.168 x 9.6


  1. Kinuthia cycled at an average speed of l0m/s. What was his speed in km/h?

12.Using ‘a ruler and a pair of compasses,construct triangle KLM, where line KL = 4.5 cm,LKM = 90° and Z KIN/IL = 30°. Measure line MK.


13.A worker spends 3/s of his salary on food, ‘/0 onclothing, 1/4 on other expenses and saves the rest.What fraction of his salary does he save?


14.What is the total distance covered by a runner who runs around the field below one and a quarter times?


15.Maina’s ranch is trapezium in shape. Find its areain hectares if two of its sides measures 500m by 600m and its perperndicular height is 400m.


16.A matatu.left Nairobi at 8.05 a.m. It took three and a quarter hours to reach Mawingu. At what time in 24hr did it arrive at Mawingu?


17.The temperature of water in the afternoon was 20°C.Hit was 14°C in the morning, what was the rise in temperature?


18.A cow was tied on a peg with a rope of 35m. What is the greatest area the cow grazed.

(Use π= 22/7)


19.Convert3/sto a decimal and write your answer to 2 decimal places.


20.Nyamathi bought the following items from Muki’s shop.

Pullover for shs. 288.50

2 pairs of socks @ 160.00

2 shirts @ shs. 144.50

If he gave the shopkeepr one thousand shillings note, what balance did he get?


21.Benson’s family uses 5 litres of milk everyday. If they bought the milk from 10th Feb. to

11th May 2009, how many litres did they use altogether?


22.The marked price of a pair of shoes was shs. 3000 John bought the pair of shoes at sh2400. Whatpercentage discount did he get?


23.Round off the following number to the nearest tenths. 911967.15


24.A trader bought 4 bags of potatoes each weighing 110kg. He later repacked them for sale in 100grams packet and sold each packet at shs. 50. How much money did the trader receive from the sale of potatoes?


25.Mrs. Kamau bought 4 trays of eggs at shs. 300 per tray. During transportation 30 eggs were broken.She later sold the remaining eggs at shs. 15 each. Calculate her percentage profit


26.Given the scale 1: 100000, find the drawing length of a road that is 5km long in cm.


27.What is the greatest number that can divide 200,360, 480 completely.


28.A salesman is paid a basic salary of shs. 10,000.He also gets 5% of the total sales. In a certain month he sold goods worth shs. 500, 000. How much money did he get that month?


29.Silas has x mangoes while Jane has three mangoes less than Silas. Miriam has twice as many mangoes as Jane. How many mangoes do they have altogether?


30.Add thirty six thousand, nine hundred and fifty eight to four hundred and twenty thousand and seven.


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