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1. Which one of the following numbers is one hundred and two thousand and eight hundredths?


2. What is the value of     45 + 3(8 – 4) – 7 x  6 /3?


3. What is the total value of digit 7 in the number 42765831?


4. What is the value of 3 (0.36 – 0.04) + 2.4  ÷ 0.8?


5. Which one of the ratios given below represents 60%?


6.  How many days were there from 1st January to 31st March, 2012?


7. What is 1844.056 when rounded off to two decimal places?


8. The fractions   3/4, 2/3, 5/6 and 4/9   are to be arranged in order from the smallest to the largest. Which one of the following is the correct order?


9. What is the difference between the L.C.M.  and the H.C.F. of the numbers 18, 24 and 72? 


10. Beka harvested 6 bags of beans and 8 bags  of maize. He sold each bag of beans at sh 4 800 and each bag of maize at  sh 1 500. How much money was left after  paying sh 24 500 for school fees?


11. On a certain day a shopkeeper sold 6 rulers, 15 rubbers, 24 pencils and 9 exercise books. If these items were to  be represented in a pie chart, what angle  would represent the number of exercise  books?


12. What is the value of x in the equation 

2/3 (2x+4)  + 6 = 10?


13. Chebet left town P at 7.00 am and travelled to town R, a distance of 320 km via town Q. She took two hours to travel from town P to town Q at an average speed of 85 km/h. After a 45 minute rest she continued with the journey at an average speed of 75km/h. At what time did she arrive at town R?


14. A lorry which carried three people of average mass 80.5 kg and also loaded with cabbages weighed 5.0 tonnes. What was the mass, in kilograms, of cabbages if the lorry weighed 3.4 tonnes when empty?


15.  The table below shows the number of candidates who sat for a certain examination in the Years 2008 and 2009. 

GENDER                      YEAR
2008 2009
Girls 328 652 345 454
Boys 367 125 381 600


 How many more candidates sat for the examination in 2009 than in 2008?



16.A salesman is paid a monthly salary of sh 6 000 and a 5% commission on goods he sells above sh 20 000 each month.In a certain month the salesman earned sh 13000. How much money was the sales of the goods that month?




17. In a game park tourists saw giraffes,elephants and lions. The number of lions seen was n. The number of elephants seen was three times the number of lions. The number of elephants seen was six less than that of giraffes. How many animals altogether did the tourists see in the park?




18.Khalifa bought 5 trays of eggs @ sh 200. All eggs in one of the trays broke and he           sold the remaining trays @ sh 210. What percentage loss did he make?




19. Six men working at the same rate, can

complete digging a shamba in 8 days.

How many days will it take 4 of the men to complete the same work?




20.Mwongeli receives a salary of sh 15 000per month. In a certain month she spent 0.2 of the salary on rent, 0.3 on food and 0.1 on transport. She spent 0.25 of the remainder on school fees and saved the rest. How much money did she save in that month?




21.Sangale left home at 2330 h on Monday for a journey which took 2* days to           complete.On what day and time in am/pm system did he complete the journey?



22.The table below shows price of food for acertain hotel.

Table showing price of food in shillings

          Ugali               Mchele          Chips

Nyama          150                180               200

Samaki         160               170               210

Kuku             240                180               250


A team of eleven people took lunch in the hotel as follows: 4 took mchele and nyama;

3 took chips and kuku; 2 took ugali and samaki; and the rest took ugali and kuku.

How much more money would the team have paid if they had all taken chips and kuku?


23.On line PQ drawn below, construct atriangle NPQ such that angle NPQ = 30° and line PN = 10 cm. Bisect angle PQN and draw the bisector to meet PN at R.



P                                                                                Q

What is the size of angle NRQ?



24.The cash price of a cupboard is sh 3 000.An interest of 25% is charged if the cupboard is bought on hire purchase terms. Amina bought the cupboard on hire purchase terms. She paid a deposit and twelve equal installments. Each installment was sh 262.50.

How much deposit did she pay?



25.The table below shows a timetable for a certain airline flying Nairobi – Kisumu – Mombasa route.

From             To                  Flight     Departure        Arrival


Nairobi          Mombasa         209         0825 h          0900 h

Mombasa      Nairobi             210         1430 h          1500 h

Nairobi            Kisumu           211        1645 h          1730 h

Kisumu            Nairobi           212         1845 h          1930 h

What is the difference between the time taken by flight No. 212 to fly between Kisumu and Nairobi, and flight No. 210 to fly between Mombasa and Nairobi?



26.What is the value of 2a ± b, when c = 4,

b = 2 c + 1 and a = b +2?



27. A cylindrical water tank has a diameter

of 1.4 m and a height of 4 m. How many

litres of water will it hold when full?

(Take it  π=22/7 )


28.The mean of the following marks for pupils in a certain class is 72.66

86, 63, 80, x, 79, 69, 85, 63, 88

What is the median mark?


29.A trader deposited sh20000 in a bank. The money was in the following denominations:

 sh1000         —        5 notes

sh500            —      15 notes

sh200           —     24 notes

The remaining amount was in 100 shillings and 50 shillings notes. The 100 shillings and 50 shillings notes were equal in number.

How much money did the trader deposit in 50 shillings notes?



30.Wanja deposited sh 24 600 in a certain financial institution which paid simple interest per annum. After 9 months the total amount of money plus interest earned was sh 25 338. At what rate percent did the money earn interest?




31.The perimeter of a triangle is 32 cm. Two sides of the triangle measure 10cm and 12 cm. What is the area of the triangle?




32.The price of an article in a shop was increased by 10%. The following month the price was decreased by 20%. The price of the article after the decrease was sh 79 200. What was the original price before the increase?



34.The following are lengths of sides of   different triangles:

(i)          5,  12,  13         (ii)       7, 24, 25

(iii)       5,  11,  13         (iv)      3, 4,  5

 Which one of the choices below contains all right angled triangles?


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