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Proper nouns denote a particular person, place or organisation and usually begin with a capital letter. You will come across many proper nouns as an English student.
To practise your knowledge of nouns, there are six other quizzes about nouns to play!

Choose the proper nouns from the following sentences.

1.Cars and lorries roar through the streets of London.


2.James put the pen and book on a table by a window.


3.The Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury are all planets


4.The ball bounced off a bat, onto a table and hit Tom.


5.On a map, Asia and Europe are adjoining continents


6.Mrs. Rose has a ticket for the Royal Hall next week


7.The driver of the train is Mr. Hill; he has eight children.


8.The book’s title is ‘Tennis’ and the author is Jim Brown.


9.Alton is near the cities of Guildford and Winchester.


10. The train stops in London, then in Bath and Bristol.


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