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1.In African communities, clans are made up of people



2.Which one of the following Eastern Africa communities is correctly matched with its place of origin?

Community                                      Place of Origin


3.Which one of the following statements is true about the origin of human beings according to the evolution theory?




4.The revolution of the earth causes


5.The main cause of disagreements in schools between teachers and pupils is



6.Lakes found in the Great Rift Valley were formed as a result of



7.Which one of the following statements is true about bush fallowing?



8.The importance of school administration is to



9.Which one of the following statements is true about the Nyamwezi chiefs during the pre-colonial period?



10.Who among the following early visitors to Eastern Africa was a trader?



11.Which one of the following lakes is a major inland fishing ground in Africa?



12.The country that borders Kenya to the east is



13. Urbanization can be described as the               



14. Mr. Smith has been a Kenyan citizen through registration for the last four years. Which one of the following conditions would make him lose his citizenship?



15.Democracy in school may be practised by



16.Below are statements.about  a prominent traditional leader in Kenya.

(i)   He settled near  Nairobi  

(ii). He was involved in long distance trade.

(iii) He could predict about the future.

(iv) He was a medicineman.

The leader described above is                                              



17.Which one of the following would be the best way of managing population growth in Kenya?



18.Below are some conditions that favour the growing of a crop.

(i)     Well drained volcanic soils.

(ii)   Low temperatures throughout the year

(iii) Rainfall of between 1000 mm-1500 mm well  distributed throughout the year.

The conditions described above favour the growing of


19.Who among the following people conducts customary marriages in Kenya?



20. On his way from school, Matata a standard sevenpupil, saw a stranger stealing from a shop. As are sponsible citizen, Matata  should



21.Which one of the following may cause lawlessness in a society?



22.One of the reasons for the formation of early political associations in Kenya was to demand for



23.The main benefit of poultry farming in Kenya is that it is a source of



24.Below are functions of a town in Kenya.

(I)  It is an industrial centre.

(ii) It is a cultural centre.

(iii) It is a transport terminus.

(iv) It has a container depot.

The town whose functions are listed above is


25.Three of the following statements are true about the role of the government in promoting trade. Which one is not?



26.The best way of protecting children from abuse is by



27.Below are some uses of minerals.

(i)   Filtering of water.

(II) Making of heat insulators.

(iii) Making of glass.

(iv) Manufacturing of cement.

(v)   Manufacturing ofpaints.

Which one of the following combinations of uses listed above is for diatomite?


28.Three of the following are problems facing tourism in Eastern Africa. Which one is not?



29.Mary, a standard six pupil in a boarding school, has fallen sick and the Head teacher needs money to buy medicine for her. The fastest way for the parents to send the money to the school is by



30.Which one of the following industries is common in the Eastern Africa countries?



31.Three of the following were functions of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). Which one was not?



32.It is important to work together in a community in order to



33. Kenya became a republic through



34.Which one of the following is a source of revenue for the National Government?



35.John and Peter had an argument over a lost book. David, their friend, helped them to agree. Which one of the following ways did David use to resolve the conflict?



36.The Constitution of Kenya is important in that it



37.Which one of the following was a characteristic of African traditional education?



38.Which one of the following is a modern method of preserving fish?



39.Which one of the following statements describes direct democracy?



40.Which one of the following statements is true about the policy of assimilation used by the French in Senegal?



41.Which one of the following types of marriages allows a man to marry up to four wives?



42.Which one of the following is a qualification for a person who wishes to be elected as a member of the National Assembly in Kenya? One must be



43.Which one of the following activities is likely to weaken national unity in Kenya?



44.Which one of the following is the main reason why the Kariba Dam was built?



45.Three of the following are reasons why European powers scrambled for Africa. Which one is not?



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