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1.Air in motion is called


2.Which one of the following is not made from


3.People weed during the               season.


4.Coffee         are harvested and taken to the factory for processing.


5.Which of the following sources of light is not natural?


6.All the following are importance of brushing teeth except


7.When eating some food, we bite using


8.Which one of the following is a domestic use
of water?


9.For an animal to grow healthy it should be
provided with the following except


10.Water is stored in the following ways except


11.Substances that are contained in foods and keep us in good health are called            


12.Foods that give us strength to work and play


13. The following animals are found in the soil except


14.Meat from goats is called


15.Farmers control the growth of weeds in a farm by all the following methods except


16.At about what age do teeth begin to grow in a child?


17.Tea and coffee are         crops.


18.Which one of the following does not make up organic matter in the soil?       


19.Animals kept at home for recreational purposes are called-


20.Which type of tooth is very broad and has a rough surface?


21. A tooth doctor is called


22.    Artificial teeth are also called


23.Tooth decay is also known as  


24.Watering of crops in the farm is called


25.The following are sources of water except.


26.Which group are examples of fibre crops?


27.AIDS is caused by


28.Which of the following lists consist of protective food only?


29.The cutting of wool in sheep is called


30.Which of the following is the odd one out?


31.Which one of the following is not a

component of the soil?


32.We filter water using     


33.Which one of the following animals does not protect itself by stinging?            


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