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1.Rainfall is measured in ………………


2.On 12 the December we celebrate ……………………….           


3.Green light in traffic lights tells us to………………………


4.The removal of top soil by water is called


5.People walking by the road are called


6.Our county is headed by


7.Money brought from other countries is called                                          


8.When people depend on each other it is called?


9.            are people who speak in a similar manner and use words that are related.


10.People who move from one place to another   with their animals are called


11.                is a person who belongs to a particular country


12.                is a place where beef cattle are kept .


13.In the past people used to the following

method of communcation.Which one is not?


14.Perishable goodseg flowers are transported



15.The colour at the bottom of our flag represent.


16.A place where there are many people living is said to be       populated


17.As puma was walking from school, the shadow pointed towards


18.The exchange of good for good is called                 trade


19.Rivers that dry up during dry season are              rivers


20.Small rivers that join the big river are  called


21.In the olden days children were taught by their


22.Father, mother and children make up a          family


23.The way of life is called


24.Who among the following is not a member of the county Assembly?


25.In the past sick people were treated by


26.Most of people in Nyeri county are


27.Pigs are mainly kept for


28.Growing of trees together with crops is called


29.The activity of travelling from one place to another for pleasure is called


30.People who made tools from iron were known as


31.A place where rules of a country are made is called


32.         are things people have and can use to make their lives better.


33.The following are traditional ceremonies .

Which one is not?          


34.Making of thing like pens , papers and clothes is called


35.A cash crop found in our county that is used to make beverages is


36.Democracy in the school is shown in the following ways except


37.Which one is the main language group in our country?


38.Food , clothes and shelter are called………………………..


39.Rain,sunshine,wind, clouds are               of wealth


40.The best time of the day to do winnowing is


41.               is a large area of water surrounded by land.


42.Which one of the following National parks is found in Nyeri county?


43.One of the following was a traditional industry?


44.The main work of police is to


45.Which of the follOwing is a moral values?


46.Acacia and cactus grow in ………………..  vegetation


47.Members of county assembly represents an area called


48.Which one of the following is not a symbol of National unity?


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