Direct speech is about writing dialogue. Learning to punctuate direct speech is helpful if you want to include dialogue in a story. Imagine your character with a speech bubble – which words would be inside the bubble? These are the words that go between the pair of speech marks. Don’t forget the punctuation inside the speech marks, too!

Gain some practise by trying this quiz about direct speech.
Read the sentence. How should it be written as direct speech? Choose the correct option.

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1. Sue said she would go to the shop.      
2. Rhian asked if she could play the game.      
3. Tom said he would be going to the dentist after school.      
4. Selina asked us to come to her party.      
5. Gareth said he couldn't believe the Blues had lost again.      
6. Declan said he thought we could see the fireworks better from the top of the hill. 
7. Harriet told us not to touch her clay model because it wasn't dry.      
8. Rob offered to clear up the crayons on the carpet.      
9. Joshua said he had been very scared when the lights went out suddenly.      
10. Sanjay said he was very disappointed that it was raining again.      

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