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Once upon a time, there…1…a hen called Kukukali.,Kukukali had…2…fifteen chicks. Hawks always wanted to snatch…3…chicks and eat them. But Kukukali …4…a fierce fighter. She…5… forever allow a man, a woman, an animal…6…a bird to play with her chicks.Unfortunately, as she fought, she…7…looked where she was stepping. Many times, she…8…on her young
chicks and killed them…9… . …10…day when she was fighting, she was injured by the…11… claw of the hawk. She kept by herself and…12… . She was…13…dying due to pain. The…14…now was able to snatch the chicks of the
hen. The hen was very…15… .































Write in plural form
16. My foot is paining.


For questions 17 to 18, choose the correct question tag17. David is corningtoday

17. David is coming today


18. She is not coming,


Complete the following.
19. Fly is to wings as walk is to


20. Air is to animals……. as is to fish.


For questions 21-22, choose the correct preposition

21. The horse jumped……the stream


22. What has she kept…..her arm?


In questions 23 to 24, choose,the correct word

23. Forks, knives, spoons



24. A…… where wild animals are kept


In questions 25 to 26, choose the correct word to Fill in the gap

.25. Who is……… youngest boy in your class?



26. The teacher is……….. Kaman’s good work


Select the correct verb for questions 27 to 28.

27. Anthony……… a nice boy.


28. You and I ………. getting out.


Choose the correct adverb for questions 29 to 30.

29. The best player walked…….. to receive a prize


30.Monica sings very


Read the following passage and answer Questions 31-40.
I can remember that day vividly. Shoutings were ieard and we saw flames of fire consuming the building )f our neighbour.The blaze turned the houses into ashes and nothing was rescued from the incident. It was on Friday evening when the accident from nowhere arised and left four people dead while other five were injured.The fire brigade reached at the scene on time and lid all their best to rescue the victims. The casualties were rushed to the nearby hospital.
Red-cross in association with doctors and nurses were diligent to make sure no more losses would be accrued.Police also arrived and promised to do investigation about the cause of the fire.

31. When did the incident happen?


32. What was consuming the houses?


33. The houses were turned into


34. Who helped to put out the fire?


35. Whose buildings were burnt up?


36. How many people were injured?


37. Red cross doctors and nurses made sure that


38. How many people were left dead?


39. Which one of the following words would be used in place of “consumed” as used in the passage?


40. What is the appropriate title of the passage?


Read the following passage and answer questions 41-50.
The sky above has stars, planets and the moon. The sun is one ofthe stars. The earth is one of the planets. There are many other planets in the sky. For example Mercury which is near the sun.The planet seen early in the morning is known as Venus. The sun and the eight planets form the solar system. There are planets which go round the sun.Currently, there are eight planets in the solar system since Pluto was considered as not a planet.Jupiter is the largest while Mercury is the smallest. Pluto is far away from the sun. Saturn is the only planet with a ring around it.

41.The sun is a


42. How many planets are there in the sky?


43. The planet Venus can be seen


44. The biggest planet is


45. Which planet is nearest to the sun?


46. The smallest planet is


47. The solar system is made up of


48. The only planet with a ring around-it is


49. Do planets go round the sun?


50. What is the appropriate title of the passage?


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