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Adjectives are ‘describing words’. In the phrase ‘the blue balloon’ the word ‘blue’ is an adjective and the word ‘balloon’ is a noun. It is often the case that adjectives describe nouns.
Try and use a variety of adjectives to make your writing more descriptive and more interesting.

Select the adjectives in the following sentences

1.The road comprised large houses and a tiny shop


2.The old book had lost its original cover long ago


3.The long transporter delivered the new car today


4.This bag is heavy but that bag is light


5.That chair is wooden but this chair is plastic


6.The quick brown fox jumped over the slow white dog


7.A small grey mouse frightened the timid little child


8.The colourful bird perched on the highest leafy branch


9.An interesting article appeared in our local newspaper


10.Cheap biscuits are good but expensive ones are better


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