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Adjectives are useful to describe nouns. With many adjectives, you can add -er or -est, e.g. ‘a low wall’, a ‘lower wall’, ‘the lowest wall’. Others use more or most e.g. ‘Bill is interesting’, ‘Bob is more interesting’, ‘Ben is the most interesting’.
Select the correct forms in this English quiz.

1.This cake tastes horrible but that one tastes ..


2.Honey is sweet, syrup is … but sugar is the .


3.Spring is pleasant, summer is … but autumn is the ..


4.Tea tastes nice, coffee tastes … but chocolate tastes ..


5.An hour is a long time to wait but a two hour wait is .


6.My ring is valuable, her ring is … but your ring is .


7.Bus travel is quick, car travel is … but air travel is ..


8.The canyon is the … in the world.


9.Apples are good for you but watercress is ..



10.Your book is more interesting than mine but his is the ..


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