1.A ray of red light enters a semi-circular glass block normal to the curved surface.Which diagram correctly shows the partial reflection and refraction of the ray?



2. A ripple tank is used to demonstrate refraction of plane water waves



Waves in deep water have a wavelength of 1.2 cm and a speed of 9.6 cm / s. The wavelength of the waves in shallow water is 0.8 cm. What is the speed of the waves in the shallow water?


3. The diagram shows a ray of light travelling from X. Angle P is less than the critical angle. In which direction does the ray continue?



4. The diagram shows the refraction of water waves in a ripple tank. The water is shallower above the glass sheet.



When crossing into the shallower region, what is the effect on the frequency and on the speed of the waves?



5. A ray of light passes into a glass block of refractive index 1.5.


What is the value of the angle marked X?


A.   19.50

B.   25.00

C.   35.30

D.   48.60



6. When a wave crosses the boundary between two media, which one of the following properties of the wave does not change?


7. On which one of the following graphs is the wavelength ë and the amplitude a of a wave correctly represented?



8. The variation with time t of the separate displacements d of a point in a medium due to two waves is shown below.


The waves are superposed. Which of the following diagrams shows the variation with time t of the resultant displacement d of the point in the medium?



9. . Sound waves move faster in warm air than in cold air. The diagram below shows plane waves in cold air moving towards a boundary with warm air.


Which of the arrows shows the possible direction of waves after reaching the boundary?


10. . Which diagram best shows diffraction of plane wavefronts at a single slit?



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