1. A micrometer is used to measure the diameter of a uniform wire.


What is done to obtain an accurate answer?



2. Vernier calipers are shown with the jaws closed.


What is the zero error?

  1. The variation with speed v of the force F acting on an object is given by the expression

F = pv2 + qv,

where p and q are constants.

What quantity should be plotted on the y-axis of a graph and what should be plotted on the x-axis in order to give a straight-line graph?

y-axis x-axis
A. v
B. v2
C. F v
D. F v2
  1. The speed of sound v in a gas is related to the pressure P of the gas by the expression


where k is a constant.

Which variables should be plotted in order to produce a straight-line graph with the slope equal to k?

  1. Sub-multiples of units may be expressed using a prefix. Which one of the following lists the prefixes in decreasing order of magnitude?
A. centi- micro- milli- nano-
B. milli- centi- nano- micro-
C. centi- milli- micro- nano-
D. milli- micro- centi- nano-


  1. What is the reading on this micrometer?SUN34
7. How can you locate the centre of mass of an irregular object?
8. What is the frequency of a simple pendulum if the time period is ten seconds?

(1Hz = 1cycle per second)

9. Where is the centre of mass located on a rectangle of length 5cm and width 3cm if the mass is distributed evenly throughout the object?
10. A simple pendulum oscillates 50 times per second. What is the frequency of the pendulum?   (Frequency = cycles per second)

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